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Jan 3, 2020
This thread revolves around grammar but do you know what grammar is?
For many individuals grammar is seen as worthless, their viewpoint revolves around the question what is the need of knowing which your (you're) to use when in verbal communication? But should this be the case? You probably know the answer, but for those lagging behind the answers no.

Grammar is essential within English. When writing, grammar illustrates to the reader what you are attempting to say. For example you should say 'I like your food' not 'I like you're food'. Both of these phrases mean different things, in the first situation you are informing the cook that you like their food. In the second instance you are saying 'you are food'. Which makes it seem like as if you're a cannibal.

Now that we have discussed the benefits of grammar in text we will move onto verbal. When speaking there is a significant difference between words such as there and they're which all English speaking individuals will acknowledge. Therefore the same principal applies to verbal communication.

Any questions?