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    Football Vocabulary Illustrated

    I'm more of a man u fan xd key rules such as 11 a side are also essential when playing this sport.
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    Do you use Google or online dictionary for word definitions?

    Never heard of Google dictionary till now, I usually use the cambridge dictionary and once I've finished I tend to use grammarly to spell check my work.
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    What is they key requirement to speak English?

    Although this is debatable I believe that it starts with the decoding process. Because as we all know (from experience) you have to be able to pronounce each letter of the alphabet alongside it's pronunciation. Phonics are taught to many individuals, early in their lives as it starts the process...
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    This thread revolves around grammar but do you know what grammar is? For many individuals grammar is seen as worthless, their viewpoint revolves around the question what is the need of knowing which your (you're) to use when in verbal communication? But should this be the case? You probably know...
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    Hype you have had a gr8 experience so far
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    maybe vs may be

    The cambridge dictionary have a great article about this in which they suggest that they are both correct in different instances. The phrase maybe is similar to perhaps, and so it is a legitimate word. Example - maybe it willI rain
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    Is this correct grammar?

    If it was in a context where you already stated it was you and your mother, then you could simply state in 'our eyes'. Depending on the context you could use the word perspective (from your view point). The sentence on it's own does make sense but I it would sound more 'formal' if you wrote...
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    Favourite movie?

    Run forest run!
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    I Love English

    There's also veganuary where people try to become vegan for a month. This year was the first time I heard it.
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    Which sentence is most beautiful in English

    I think therefore I am It's a famous philosophical quote by Rene Descartes and was initially written in Latin. Cogito, ergo sum
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    I had a classmate with surname Xalxo

    Xavier - pronounced - zay-vee-er
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    For new learners (1)

    Looking through a book does help decoding the letters but an adult must still be there to help them pronounce the words.
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    For new learners (1)

    Parents are often eager to make their child understand the alphabet and so they will often present them with the rhyme. But is this actually useful? Modern research says NO this is because the child is merely stating what they have learnt but aren't able to understand which letter corresponds to...
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    Common Grammar Mistakes in English

    It may not be as important in spoken English, but in regards to written English it is really important especially when you are writing essays or word restricted articles.
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    The Proper Usage of the ; Punctuation Mark

    The comma is similar to the semicolon in that they both initiate a pause rather than ending the sentence.
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    The A's in Australia are pronounced differently

    In the word Australia. First A = au | oh Second A = ay Final A = ah He was trying to say that in each scenario it is pronounced differently.
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    Slang innit

    I have always associated low-key with low profile because they sound similar. You don't hear high key as much which is probably why I didn't fully understand the term.
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    Rhyme time

    We've all had small rhymes when we grew up to remember certain facts such as the order of the planet's. Which of the ones below have you heard? Note: the first letter in each words helps people remember the order I.E. mercury, Venus. Earth etc. Planet's - my very elderly mother just sent us...
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    The harder the better

    When studying English what is the most difficult word you have come across (both spoken or written)? When I was growing up I always spelt believe incorrectly. Though an obvious spelling, I would always spell it incorrectly - beleive. After doing this a few times the practitioner taught me on...
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    What is an Adjective?

    Correct, they provide a greater definition to the noun which allows people to help imagine the noun.