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    How I improved my English

    Thanks for the tips everyone! I'll start putting those to use
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    Reading and Talking

    I agree, practice definitely makes perfect! Reading and speaking give you the experience you need
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    I learn from younger generation

    It's an ambigram! A word that can be read in multiple orientations
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    How to improve vocabulary in English language

    I've been recommended it before and it has great reviews!
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    What do you mean by Kangaroo Word

    I never knew of kangaroo words, thanks for teaching me!
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    Heard a word 'littlest'. Is it real word

    Yeah it's a word but probably not used much because of how awkward and hard to pronounce it is
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    Is this real word - bajillionaire

    Bajillionaire just means very rich, not specifically a billionaire
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    Some mispronounced words

    There are a looooot of words like that such as walk, calm, folks, talk, chalk, could. I don't think there's a proper rule for it.
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    Don't understand why 'read' is pronounced differently

    That word can be pronounced two different ways to distinguish the tense. For the past tense it is pronounced like "red" and for the present tense it is pronounced like "reed". For both of those sentences I could pronounce it either way and the sentence would still make sense.
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    Anyone here knows what is the dot of letter 'i' called

    Thanks for the fast fact! I never knew that either.