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    I am a cat person

    I'm kinda a dog person but I've always had cats around, my first pet was a cat too! Although recently I've come to love cats even more, a while back my dog passed and since then we had to take ownership and care of a kitten our cat had. The woman we gave it to didn't want it anymore so we took...
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    What irks you?

    What really irks me is the phrase "Imagine....bla bla bla" It's a new meme or phrase young kids are using recently. For example if you came outside your house with no shoes on I might say "Imagine having enough money to buy shoes" teasing you. I don't know why but it just really irks me whenever...
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    Definition of irk

    I actually learned this word recently! Never heard it before and now I'm seeing it everywhere!
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    Do you like to take naps?

    Haha! I really rarely take naps but I totally agree like when I have it does feel good! Although it also to me feels a bit like a waste of time. I have heard it can be quite healthy though a short nap after lunch time.
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    Tough twister exercise

    Haha the one I remember from school is Red lorry, yellow lorry and repeating it as fast as you can.
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    Thank you! Sorry for the late response been away on holiday but yeah having a good experience, everyone's so welcoming and friendly though which is fantastic!
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    Favourite movie?

    Dazed and confused? What's that about like a romantic comedy?
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    Heya folks! Been around for a week or two but thought I'd make a little intro post to introduce myself! I'll keep it short, been enjoying the forum so far and I'm excited to get to know a few of it's users a little bit better while improving my English! I was actually born in the UK so I'm a...
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    Liam here

    Hey Liam welcome dude!
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    Is it possible to learn English language at home

    Yeah absolutely! Just do it every day or every other day and whatever method you pick to learn you'll see results!
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    Difference between written and spoken English

    Yeah a lot of people use a lot of slang or have heavy accents and don't say certain words properly like "water" dropping the T.
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    Do you know which are non-rhyme words

    Haha yeah I know orange doesn't rhyme eminem still makes it work though!
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    How I improved my English

    Yeah as tons of people here have said I'd suggest having a look a British movies and shows. Things like "Young Offenders" would be really good if you're into that type of tv program because I don't 100% agree with Kyo a lot of born and bred Brits I could imagine might be very hard to understand...
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    Favourite movie?

    Snatch is pretty good, good British classic too.
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    maybe vs may be

    So like maybe I'm the best? I may be coming to the shop tonight Like that? Slightly different meanings