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    Grammar Mistakes Making my English poor

    Posting on forums like this and reddit will help improve your grammar. I've found people on reddit love to correct incorrect grammar even if you don't want them to ;)
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    Helping You Children Be Multi-Lingual

    Our family friends did a great job. The mother was German and the father Chinese. The family lived in England, so when the children were born, the mother only spoke German to the children, and the father only spoke Chinese. All English communication came from other sources like TV, radio, other...
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    Speaking problem for Non-Native speaker

    Trust me, accents are only really a problem when listening, especially in the north of England. Us brits will be able to understand even very strong accents even if you are non native. If you wan't to practise, I suggest joining an online multiplayer game and speaking to English people in Discord.
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    Cats or dogs?

    Without a doubt I am a dog person. I've never owned a cat so of course you could say I was biased, but it's my preference.
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    Hi, welcome aboard and I hope you stick around for the foreseeable future.
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    Hi, I'm Luke

    Hey, I'm Luke from the UK. I'm a native speaker but I'm on this forum to learn more about proper grammar as I'm trying to become a professional writer. Wish me luck and dont be afraid to ask questions.
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    Tough twister exercise

    We had to sing this in school. Bloody hated it.
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    What irks you?

    At the moment something that's really irking me is people not staying inside during the coronavirus lockdown. It's reckless and puts our vulnerable members of society in danger.
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    Best way to memorize the Words

    Flashcards. Make small cards with the words you want to learn written on one side, and the same word written in your native language on the other side. Place all the cards "native side down" and as you put them down and see the foreign word, say aloud the word in your native language as quickly...
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    How English movies can improve the non-native's English?

    Yes it certainly does. The thing with English though is that there is a lot of different accents. Here are 3 British TV series that are available on Netflix that I think would be good for somebody trying to understand modern English and master accents. Life On Mars Ashes To Ashes Only Fools...